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Toni Rossi in art Siros, was born on 1947 in the land of Pharaohs, on Pyramids shadow.
Achieves his Diploma in Fine Art in Venice in 1966.-He taught for over a decade in middle
schools, then took a sabbatical for a period. He travelled extensively and portrayed people
and things in faraway places.Works on numerous sketches, drawings, paintings and photo
depicting their uses and customs. African people’s of Libya, Sudan and ex Zaire; also people
of East Europe, Russia-Moscow, till far Middle-East in Vladivostok, also in Tbilisi-Georgia.
After Siros is across the Ocean: Canada, USA, and Central America in Costa Rica

While preferring watercolours, Siros use oils, pastels, tempera and acrylics. He uses acrylic
for trompe l’˛eil on walls and larges panels, in homes, hotels or public establishments.
Tropical sea beds are his favourite theme but he also paints works on request of the client,
presenting sketches and travelling to whatever location is required.-
He also paints copies of famous works by V. Van Gogh, P. Gauguin and A. Modigliani.
Which he perfectly reproduces ( only on commission ).




Other activities of the Artist


He displays his works in on-man shows and collective art exhibits, primarily abroad, where
His watercolours of Venice and its lagoon are well-known. He also dedicates some of his time to teaching classes in drawing and painting. His Art courses, which are for different levels and
for both private and public institutions, are well-known and much appreciated.
He lives in Caorle (Venice), where his studio and home are located, and spend part of the year
In San JosÚ, Costa Rica.




Toni Rossi - Siros

Via Don Orione, 24

30021 CAORLE (VE)

Tel: 3343508910